Meet Salanova® the tasty, one-cut, ready Lettuce!

The versatile, convenient lettuce brand that will crisp up your salad shelf!

Discover the Salanova® brand

All about the leaves

Salanova® is the brand for a range of lettuce. The brand stands for delicious and fresh lettuce which offers extra convenience thanks to the ‘One cut, ready’ principle resulting in numerous baby-sized leaves. The range consists of various lettuce types like Salanova Butter and Crispy. All of these are available in red and green, and have exceptional additional features such as three to four times more leaves than normal lettuce.

Convenience & Fresh Cut Solutions
Salanova® Lettuce has revolutionised the contents of fresh cut salad mixes. Learn more about other Convenience & Fresh cut solutions offered by Rijk Zwaan.
Hydroponics & Plant Factories
Salanova Lettuce is very well suited for hydroponic production as wholehead and on high density. It is the ideal lettuce for hydroponically grown ready to eat salads.
From field to fork, minimally processed fresh-cut salads and ready-to-cook vegetables should move as quickly as possible from the field, through the factory, and onto the retail shelf to reach the consumer's plate.

One cut ready

With just one cut at the base, it separates into an abundance of evenly proportioned, ready-to-eat, baby-sized leaves.

Diverse leaf shapes, colours, flavours, and textures

The flavour and texture range from the soft, subtle tenderness of Salanova Butter to the crunchy bite of Salanova Crispy.

The ideal living lettuce

All of its leaves, from the outer leaves to the inner ones, are conveniently sized, making Salanova a perfect individual or mixed Salatrio living lettuce.


Teenleaf™ The efficient fresh cut salad solution

Salanova® Teenleaf is the efficient solution for the fresh-cut market: a range of varieties that are mechanically harvestable and suitable for both open-field and high-tech hydroponic cultivation. By growing on a high density and mechanically harvesting at a later stage than babyleaf, Teenleaf results in higher yields, stronger and more colourful leaves, baby sized and forkable for the consumer.

More Salanova news

Salatrio: Rijk Zwaan demo reveals these five insights
The Salatrio concept – a single, colourful head of ‘living lettuce’ made up of three different types – has been around for years and continues to gain popularity worldwide. At the Salatrio Client Demo in early May 2023, Rijk Zwaan showcased 40 innovative combinations of leafies: more robust, more productive and easier to work with, offering more crunch, more crispiness and more convenience. “Growers are very excited to test these for themselves,” says Crop Coordinator Peter Sonneveld. Read on for the five key insights from the demo.
Colourful Salanova
Colourful Salanova supports growth of ready-to-eat salads in Asia
In Asia, the ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook markets are growing steadily. That is why the company Champ Fungi is expanding its processing activities in this segment. “We use the colourful Salanova® in our leaf mixes,” explains Robin Yau, Sales & Marketing Director (Champ Fungi Group) based in Singapore. Rijk Zwaan is showcasing this attractive lettuce at Asia Fruit Logistica in Bangkok from 2-4 November.
The colourful Tender & Tasty Trio
The colourful Tender & Tasty Trio is able to attract customers from across a store
For the Canadian lettuce specialist Whole Leaf, the Tender & Tasty Trio is a top seller. Consumers are surprised by this concept, which is based on Rijk Zwaan’s Salatrio, and describe it as an ‘edible bouquet of flowers’. “Combining three distinct textures along with eye-popping and contrasting colours, the Tender & Tasty Trio is able to attract customers from across a store,” says the senior director of Whole Leaf, enthusiastically.
Are you looking for ways to innovate the lettuce category?
Bauke van Lenteren
Are you looking for ways to innovate the lettuce category?
Bauke van Lenteren
Marketing Specialist Convenience and Leaf