Why choose Rijk Zwaan?

At Rijk Zwaan we regard our customers as partners. We strive to create win-win situations and the formation of long term partnerships in the entire value chain.

Why become one of Rijk Zwaan’s partners?

Improving production results
Improving production results

Selecting the right variety requires tailor-made advice. It is important to us that our varieties subsequently produce an optimal yield.

Aligning supply and demand
Aligning supply and demand

Our network in the global vegetable sector benefits you, providing valuable insights and connections tailored to your needs.

Combining strengths for R&D
Combining strengths for R&D

We translate research insights into our breeding programmes, accelerating the development of innovative varieties

Story of Spanish producer Cualin Quality

Spanish alternative for tasty mini tomato on the vine in wintertime

The production of greenhouse vegetables in Northern Europe drops sharply in the winter, especially in view of today’s high energy prices. Rijk Zwaan actively helps chain partners to think about alternatives. “Together, we are working to find new solutions for supply problems in the marketplace,” says Juan José López, Managing Director of the Spanish producer Cualin Quality.

Typical of working with Rijk Zwaan

  • Long-term partnership
  • High ethical standards
  • Win-win situations
  • Open communication
  • Personal approach



Selecting the right variety requires tailor made advice. This advice requires in depth knowledge on specific growing conditions and the latest market developments. Our Crop Specialists recommend varieties only when they are convinced that it is the best choice for your situation. It is important to us that our varieties subsequently get an optimal result, which is why we devote considerable time and effort to sharing knowledge.

What can we provide for you

  • Experienced Crop Specialists
  • Tailor-made advice through our Partner RZ customer portal
  • Invitations to visit demo fields and greenhouses
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas during our regular growers visits
  • Reliable information from our variety trials



All characteristics of fruit and vegetables are packed in a tiny seed: seed quality, yield, resistances, fruit quality, improved shelf life, colour and taste. Grown and harvested by growers, processed, packed and brought to consumers by retailers and food service companies. That’s why our crop, marketing and chain specialists are in close contact with the entire value chain.

What can we provide for you

  • Experienced Account Managers, Marketing and Chain specialists
  • A large international network within the vegetable chain
  • Support and expertise for high quality seed supply
  • Innovative products and concepts
  • The chance to directly interact with consumers via Love my Salad


Combining strengths
for R&D

As part of our research and development activities we are involved in research projects together with universities, knowledge institutes and industry partners all over the world. Together we work on common research goals, such as finding ways to produce more efficiently and sustainably. By combining our strengths with others, we can translate those insights into our breeding programmes and accelerate the development of improved varieties.

What can we provide for you

  • Practical knowledge
  • High-tech research and testing facilities
  • Employees with relevant expertise
  • Continuous investment in R&D