SN!BS healthy snacks that boost your day

Introducing SN!BS by Rijk Zwaan – a diverse range of healthy snack vegetables, ideal for on-the-go, sharing, or entertaining. As an integral umbrella brand, SN!BS inspires global growers, dealers, and retailers to innovate within this category and beyond.

All about our SN!BS brand

Range of snack vegetables

SN!BS is a range of small, healthy snack vegetables that you can eat on the go, share with friends or serve to guests. Rijk Zwaan offers a very varied assortment including not only the familiar snack vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, pepper and carrot, but also more unusual ones such as radish, celery, melon, snack lettuce, kohlrabi and cauliflower. SN!BS makes it possible to promote a broad spectrum of snack vegetables.

Rijk Zwaan believes that SN!BS can help to achieve several objectives. As an integral umbrella brand, it can inspire dealers and retailers worldwide to develop a new snack range, while it can also be used for other markets to further extend the current assortment. In parallel, it can help consumers to make healthier and above all tastier food choices.

Consumer trends

An ever-growing number of consumers want to eat more healthily. They are increasingly looking for tasty and convenient snack options to eat on the go, at work, after exercising or at parties. These developments inspired Rijk Zwaan to develop a brand especially for the expanding snack range.

Turnkey inspiration

Snack vegetables are by no means a new phenomenon in a large number of markets, where the segment has been growing successfully for many years. Thanks to Rijk Zwaan’s impressive range of snack vegetables and its source of market intelligence and consumer insights, the company can create a well-balanced offering with extra breadth or depth as required.

Flexible exploration

Many retailers in emerging markets are seeking a total solution for the snack category. In that case, those retailers can embrace SN!BS as a consumer brand. Thanks to its flexibility and modularity, the brand makes it easy for growers to take the first steps to explore new markets, plus it enables retailers to work in partnership with their growers to develop an appropriate product/market fit.

Packaging solutions

To ensure that SNIBS products always look their best, Rijk Zwaan offers ready-made packaging solutions too. Whether customers choose the full-service option in which the packaging materials themselves are supplied by Rijk Zwaan or they prefer to develop their own packaging locally aided by Rijk Zwaan’s marketing support and brand management advice, optimal on-shelf appeal of the snack vegetables is guaranteed.

Stronger together

Thanks to the company’s wide range of vegetable seeds, its worldwide network of customers and fresh chain partners, and its tradition of sharing knowledge and best practices within the chain, many more new innovations are still possible together with Rijk Zwaan. Whether the focus lies on a premium positioning, sustainability or the cost price, Rijk Zwaan’s tailor-made solutions and marketing support mean that there are countless opportunities to both broaden and deepen the snack vegetable segment.


Customers are drawn to the gorgeous colours of these snacking tomatoes

“Beautiful colours attract consumers, and great taste keeps them coming back for more,” comments Fons Aldenzee, Chief Growing Officer at Windset Farms®. “We grow our tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries and specialty items to the highest standards of sustainability and food safety -naturally grown, delicious, and nutrient-rich year-round”, he says.
Interested in more information about SN!BS?
Joost van Veen
Interested in more information about SN!BS?
Joost van Veen
Specialist Marketing