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Small watermelons

Small watermelons are a good fit with today’s demands from smaller consumer households and they help to reduce food waste. With its Sandissima watermelons, Rijk Zwaan offers compact fruits with a very high internal quality. Furthermore, Sandissima is an excellent pollinator. Hence, the Sandissima varieties improve the productivity of seedless melons.

Stable quality

The Sandissima varieties excel in terms of their stable internal quality. They are sweet and juicy with a crunchy bite and they contain few seeds. The rind colour varies, ranging from plain dark green to a tiger stripe. The Sandissima varieties achieve a high yield of uniform fruits.

Sandissima offers harvest security and performs well in all climate conditions. The varieties have a lot of resistances.

Dual purpose

Sandissima serves a dual purpose. With its small and handy size it enables growers and retailers to expand their markets. Smaller watermelons are in demand, especially in northern Europe. Sandissima is a hygienic and affordable alternative for fresh-cut melon. The melon has a long shelf life. Its compact format also makes the melon attractive from a logistics perspective.

Furthermore, Sandissima varieties are a good alternative to planting pollinators in between. They increase the yield of seedless varieties and reduce the production costs.

International expansion

With specific varieties for various production regions, we are working to develop an international range so that Sandissima will be available worldwide. Our activities revolve around combining a strong crop with good fruit traits. We are also working on a seedless Sandissima.

More information on Sandissima water melons

Are you keen to know more about our compact Sandissimas?
Are you keen to know more about our compact Sandissimas?
Vincent van Wolferen
Crop Coordinator Melon