An attractive lettuce bouquet

Discover the unique allure of our Salatrio – a single root ball hosting three distinct lettuce varieties, creating an appealing 'bouquet' with a diverse mix of colours and leaf shapes.

Recognizing the global variation in consumer preferences for lettuce, we offer an extensive range of over 60 lettuce type mixes. This comprehensive selection is designed to cater specifically to local consumer demands, providing a versatile solution for your market needs.

Salatrio opportunities

Colourful visual appeal through unique mixes

On the shelf, Salatrio, with its vibrant colours, introduces visual interest to the predominantly green crispy lettuce category. Its clean growing method allows Salatrio to be positioned as a 'living lettuce,' sold with its root ball still attached, ensuring an extended shelf life.

Specialized for hydroponic and vertical farming

Salatrio is cultivated hydroponically, a clean and soil-free growing method utilising nutrient-enriched water. Each Salatrio pot contains three lettuce varieties that harmoniously grow together, forming a visually appealing single head. This unique combination offers consumers an attractive living lettuce option.

Salatrio Mixes Featuring Salanova® Varieties

Salanova® varieties are seamlessly incorporated into Salatrio mixes. Following the 'one cut, ready' principle, consumers can effortlessly prepare these mixes by removing the desired leaves while leaving the remaining lettuce intact for maximum freshness.


Attractive colours on the shelf Salatrio: Fresh Mix, Vibrant Experience

Salatrio offers the convenience of mixed salad bags in a single product, allowing consumers to freshly pick their salad at home – as fresh as it gets! This vibrant addition to the lettuce category not only catches the consumer’s eye but also combines three different lettuce types in one SKU, ensuring high rotation. For retailers looking to elevate the experience, there are exciting ways to present the benefits of this 'living lettuce with roots on,' turning it into a hands-on experience for consumers themselves.

Over 60 attractive and colourful mixes

It all comes down to the perfect balance, so hundreds of new Salatrio mixes are continuously being trialled at Rijk Zwaan’s hydroponic research stations. The ideal mixes are always based on preferences. We select sweet, crisp and juicy green varieties that remain compact, allowing the red lettuce varieties sufficient room to grow. This results in a beautiful ‘bouquet’ of different colours, textures, flavours and leaf shapes. Lastly, to ensure that we meet the demands of shoppers as well as retailers, we put all these mixes to the real test: consumer tastings in conjunction with our sensory panels.

More Salatrio news

Salatrio: Rijk Zwaan demo reveals these five insights
The Salatrio concept – a single, colourful head of ‘living lettuce’ made up of three different types – has been around for years and continues to gain popularity worldwide. At the Salatrio Client Demo in early May 2023, Rijk Zwaan showcased 40 innovative combinations of leafies: more robust, more productive and easier to work with, offering more crunch, more crispiness and more convenience. “Growers are very excited to test these for themselves,” says Crop Coordinator Peter Sonneveld. Read on for the five key insights from the demo.
The colourful Tender & Tasty Trio
The colourful Tender & Tasty Trio is able to attract customers from across a store
For the Canadian lettuce specialist Whole Leaf, the Tender & Tasty Trio is a top seller. Consumers are surprised by this concept, which is based on Rijk Zwaan’s Salatrio, and describe it as an ‘edible bouquet of flowers’. “Combining three distinct textures along with eye-popping and contrasting colours, the Tender & Tasty Trio is able to attract customers from across a store,” says the senior director of Whole Leaf, enthusiastically.
For more information, please contact:
Bauke van Lenteren
For more information, please contact:
Bauke van Lenteren
Marketing Specialist Convenience and Leaf