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Improving production results

Tailor-made advice

Selecting the right variety requires tailor-made advice since it depends on the grower’s specific growing conditions, their customers’ wishes and the latest market developments. Our representatives will not recommend a variety unless they themselves are convinced that it is the best choice for the customer’s situation. It is important to us that our varieties subsequently produce an optimal result, which is why we devote a lot of time and effort to sharing knowledge. We use the knowledge that we gain as input for our breeding activities.

Train the trainer

Especially in developing countries, many growers lack the necessary technical knowledge. In such cases, we often work with local partners based on the ‘train the trainer’ principle. Projects such as SEVIA help ambitious pioneers’ knowledge to spread like an ink blot at local level.

What can you expect from us?

  • Company visits and tailor-made crop advice
  • Personal guided tours of our demo facilities around the world
  • Reliable trial results for new and existing varieties
  • Methods and techniques for exchanging knowledge and experience



The Alzamora pepper is a perfect fit with our market

Less heating, more screening – that’s how pepper growers are responding to the high energy prices. Even in a less active greenhouse climate, the new red blocky pepper Alzamora RZ achieves excellent production levels of outstanding fruits. “The variety not only continues to produce top-quality peppers, but it’s also labour-friendly,” says Sander Noe, Crop Manager at pepper specialist VD Holland.