Accelerate development of vegetables

As part of our research and development activities we are involved in projects together with universities, knowledge institutes and industry partners all over the world. Rapid advancements in terms of automation and image & data analysis provide lots of opportunities, but also require huge levels of capacity and investment. By combining our strengths with others, we can achieve economies of scale and share risk. Together, we can accelerate the further development of better vegetables.

DNA seqencing

For more and more crops, there is a greater understanding of which bits of their DNA are responsible for which traits. We combine our practical knowledge and facilities with fundamental knowledge from the world of science. 

What can you expect from us?

  • Practical knowledge
  • High-tech research and testing facilities
  • Employees with relevant expertise
  • Continuous investment in R&D


Contributing to food supply through research into plant health

Joke Klap works on the development of resilient and robust vegetable varieties. That’s how she’s contributing to plant health and food production. She explains how Rijk Zwaan is contributing to plant health by developing vegetable varieties with resistances.