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Stories - 14-08-2019

People at the center

Shareholders and directors regard it as the company’s primary objective to offer our employees an enjoyable and lasting job with good terms of employment. This primary objective forms the basis from which our colleagues – in close collaboration with our partners – contribute to a healthy future.

Specific company culture

An enjoyable job requires a pleasant and inspiring working atmosphere, which is why we feel that our company culture is so very important. The key elements of the Rijk Zwaan culture are as follows:

• Reliability.
• An entrepreneurial spirit, with plenty of room for creativity and innovation.
• Business ethics of the highest order.
• A pleasant atmosphere, achieved in particular by openness and honesty, respect for others, team spirit and high moral standards and values.

The trust that we place in our employees is rewarded with loyalty, high motivation, enormous dedication and close involvement, which in turn offers numerous benefits to our customers, suppliers, government authorities and other business partners. They can count on a reliable partner, top-quality products and a high level of service.

Management Rijk Zwaan: Marco van Leeuwen, Kees Reinink and Ben Tax