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Stories - 03-11-2020

Natural growth by seizing opportunities

Mr. Rijk Zwaan was a true entrepreneur. In 1924 he opened a shop selling vegetable, flower and crop seeds in Rotterdam and he soon started developing new vegetable varieties himself. In the decades since then, new generations have continued his work with tremendous enthusiasm.

Family-run company

Our approach has always been based on achieving natural growth by seizing opportunities. Such opportunities have arisen out of technological advancements or international developments, and our engaged and entrepreneurial employees – with their strong sense of team spirit – have enabled us to capitalise on them.

After a short period of ownership by British Petroleum (BP) between 1986 and 1989, Rijk Zwaan once again became an independent family-run company. That’s also when our company’s primary objective was formulated: to offer employees an enjoyable and long-term job with attractive working conditions.

Stable basis

Rijk Zwaan has grown strongly and autonomously over the past 30 years. As a global player in vegetable breeding, we now hold an important position in society. Our deeply rooted company culture and numerous collaborative partnerships form a healthy basis for us to exert a positive influence on the challenges facing the world today.

Helping and inspiring

Despite our further professionalisation and internationalisation, we remain a family company. Here at Rijk Zwaan, people are much more than just a labour resource. Each of our colleagues has their own unique talents, ideas and ambitions plus the freedom to give shape to them in their own way. Rather than being our primary goals, profit and growth are consequences of the Rijk Zwaan company strategy.

We also strive to create win-win situations with our countless partners. By helping, inspiring and creating synergy with one another, we share a healthy future together.